Wanchai Scout Centennial Building Mural Painting 灣仔童軍總會壁畫

During 9-12 Sep, Elaine was painting the mural for the Wanchai Scout's Centennial Building. In the painting, Elaine includes the old Scout building and the big trees that used to give shades to the scout at that time. Elaine adopted a clean, fresh colour palette, so as to give the new building a refreshing and welcoming place for all new and old scouts.

Location: 11F, Wanchai Scout Centennial Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Material: Acrylic with varnish.

Days took: three.

People gathered and took photo with the finished piece.

Elaine took photo with scout Queenie (left)and assistant Michael (right).

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All Image Copyright @ Elaine Chiu (the artist)

Hong Kong, 2020