I often think about what wonderland means to people from different cultural backgrounds and times. 

Is it the Eden, or the Plum Blossom Village from the Eastern Jin Dynasty? These places never existed but people’s cravings for constructing dreamlands, imaginary or physically, never ceased throughout history. 


I am living in an age where mass media, electronic games, global culture, and ancient ideas become easily accessible at my fingertips, constructing a hybrid reality in me. My idea about a city, its spatial relation, its function, its look, its experience, was unconsciously altered by those mixed navigation modes or AR perspectives, their color scheme and music, and later also impacted by the images of the urban renewal campaigns.


So what is a wonderland? A utopian city? It is a powerful question that will evoke vastly different images in each of us’ minds.


The urban settings that I live in and travelled to have built up my dream and reality. These mixed, blurry sources of inspiration, produce weird images in my mind about what a Wonderland probably looks like.


I am taking what has “built” me, to build this wonderland project of mine. A mixture of different architectures, facilities, and vibes from the places I have been to or dreamed of. It looks like somewhere but in fact, there is nowhere like it.


As a wonderland builder, I am creating a theme park called the SUGAR_Wonderland, a place seemingly with only candy-sweetness. There is only a brittle line between the truth and the lie, the sweet and the bitter, the top-down planning, and the organic in our urban environment. The series comprises paintings that depict the imagined “wonderland project” — which include various vantage points of the facilities, usually of an aerial perspective that is like scrolling through the google map. 


With my wonderland project, my paintings juxtapose the perspectives of the planners and users, illusion and reality, free will and destiny in our everyday urban lives, recreating a new perspective. Full of sugar, does it look like a wonderland to you?








作為樂園建築師,我把項目命名為《糖果樂園》: 一個看起來只有如糖果般甜絲絲的樂園。我繪畫樂園不同角度的設施,以鳥瞰角度,模仿以谷歌街景盤旋在城市半空之中,探討城市真實與糖衣包裝之間、生活甜與苦之間、規劃與有機元素之間的模糊界線。



May, 2022 Art Central and Art Basel, Hong Kong

Mar, 2022 Bonjour Paris, Paris, France

Feb, 2022 Ginza Six, Toyko, Japan