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SUGAR_Wonderland at DOOOR Residency, The Shophouse

12.10. - 04.12.2022

Opening: November 27, 2022

The Shophouse | 4 Second Ln, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Living in an age where mass media, electronic games, global culture, and ancient ideas become easily accessible at my fingertips, my idea about a city, its spatial relation, function, and experience were altered by different digital navigation modes and AR perspectives.

The urban settings I lived in and travelled to, built up my dream and reality. Together with my childhood memories, these diverse, blurry sources of inspiration, produce weird images in my mind. I am taking what has “built” me, to build this wonderland project of mine. 

As a wonderland architect, I am creating a theme park called the SUGAR_Wonderland, a place seemingly with only candy-sweetness. I intend to explore the brittle lines between truth and illusion, sweet and bitter, and our urban environments' top-down and organic elements. The series comprises paintings that depict the imagined “wonderland project” — which includes various vantage points of the facilities, using an aerial perspective that is like scrolling through a Google map. It is also an experiment of searching and revealing the inner self through uncovering images in my mind.

Exhibited: Art Central 2022, DOOOR (The Shophouse), Bonjour Paris (JPS Gallery Paris)

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