I live in an age where mass media, electronic games, global culture, and ancient ideas become easily accessible at my fingertips, constructing a hybrid reality in me. My idea about a city, its spatial relation, function, look, and the experience was unconsciously altered by different digital navigation modes and AR perspectives, and impacted by the imageries of the urban renewal campaigns.

The urban settings that I lived in and travelled to, built up my dream and reality. Together with my own childhood memories, these diverse, blurry sources of inspiration, produce weird images in my mind. I am taking what has “built” me, to build this wonderland project of mine. 

As a wonderland architect, I am creating a theme park called the SUGAR_Wonderland, a place seemingly with only candy-sweetness. I intend to explore the brittle lines between truth and illusion, sweet and bitter, and the top-down and organic elements in our urban environments. The series comprises paintings that depict the imagined “wonderland project” — which includes various vantage points of the facilities, using an aerial perspective that is like scrolling through the google map. It is also an experiment of searching and revealing the inner self through uncovering images in my mind.