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Confluence of Voices, 2023/

Venue: Pao Galleries (4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre) 
Date: 2023.05.23 - 2023.06.03
Time: 10AM - 8PM | 10AM - 6 PM (23 May 2023)  
Price: Free Admission  

Date of exhibition: 23/5/2023 – 3/6/2023

Opening Ceremony (Private Session): 23/5/2023 6pm – 8pm

"Confluence of Voices" exhibition brings together over 20 young Hong Kong artists from diverse backgrounds and genres of art. Through their works, these artists express a wide range of themes, from reflections on life, personal experiences and emotions, to explorations of the city's history and heritage, and responses to social issues. Their art offers audience fresh perspectives on the past, present and future of the city, inspiring curiosity and wonder.

The exhibition showcases a rich variety of artistic expressions, including traditional and experimental painting techniques, multimedia works, installations, and innovative approaches such as the use of unconventional materials to create visual impact and thought-provoking conceptual pieces. The emerging artists featured in the exhibition hope to share their unique perspectives and invite audience to participate in their ideas, exploring different voices in the art world and in life with an open mind.

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