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Sweeping Vistas, 2023/

As the era of pandemic restrictions near the end across the globe, living under circumstances which demanded isolation and social distancing for so long has forced us to show tremendous resilience whilst adapting to the rapidly changing social structure. The group exhibition Sweeping Vistas invites six contemporary artists born or based in Hong Kong to present intuitive observations of their inner landscape through sweeping vistas threaded with uncertainty, possibility and imagination. Our diverse coping methods to the “new normal” is analogous to Cynthia Mak, Elaine Chiu, Gianluca Crudele, Lokz Phoenix, Ticko Liu and Tobe Kan’s disparate artistic practices.

Imagine yourself looking over a sweeping vista, what do you see? Is it a place you wish to travel to or a place of familiarity? How does the vista make you feel? The group of artists was encouraged to create based on this prompt at a time when they began coming out of these long periods of isolation where they were forced to confront issues and traumas they had chosen to overlook.

Ranging from realistic depictions of European forests and Hong Kong cityscapes, where the artists capture the scope of these vistas through observation and engaging elements of nature and cityscape that are easily overlooked. To paintings of extraterrestrial and metaphorical landscapes with a haunting and magical quality that reflects the artists’ ever-evolving imaginations and visions of beauty. Each artist’s approach, interpretation and presentation of a landscape and cityscape were uniquely different, presenting a series of paintings that is a continual cascade of form and meaning.

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