"Around the Corner": Elaine Chiu Solo Exhibition 2019

What’s your favourite corner in Hong Kong? It might not be one of those iconic tourist spots from the guide books. Perhaps, it is the little park that you used to linger as a kid, or that little street corner you used to pass by when you fetch your kids home, or the dried seafood shop you used to say hi to with a little kitten greeting you.A routine life may look dull, but the unusual and the surprising are always there to find when you stop and observe. In the exhibition “Around the Corner”, city painter Elaine Chiu will guide through the little street corners in Hong Kong by her watercolour paintings. Daily but not dull, Elaine believes street corners are where the unusual and unique can be found. Surprises are just around the corners of life, awaiting you to arrive.



展覽開幕在2019年11月09日 9:30-11:30am 舉行,展期至12月7日。歡迎各位參觀!

地點:木讀 Wooder Space, Flat D1, 10/F, Manning Industrial Building, Manning Industrial Building, How Ming St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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