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Before Memories Expire: In Conversation with Artist Elaine Chiu 2021


Artist conversation, 2021, Hong Kong

Hong Kong artist Elaine Chiu joins moderator Kenneth Chan in a conversation about Elaine’s working process, inspirations, and trajectory as an artist. Hong Kong’s endangered buildings, architecture, cityscape and memories are some of the cornerstones of Elaine’s research and practice. Her work not only explores space, memory and the city's evolving urban identity, but also conveys the transience and fragility of Hong Kong's cityscape. In this conversation, Elaine will share the story of her creative practice, her muses, and her work as a personal investigation of Hong Kong’s transient, fluidic, and intersecting memories. This conversation is presented as part of ‘Before Memories Expire’, an exhibition at JPS Art Gallery on view from 6 May 2021 to 6 June 2021.

Artist conversation: 18 May, 2021. 4-5pm at JPS Gallery Hong Kong

Student tour for HKU architecture students: 15 May, 2021. 11-12pm at JPS Gallery Hong Kong

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