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Until June 2023


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《記憶若有限期 —— 香港城景美學印象》趙綺婷首本繪著書籍 Preorder before Hong Kong Book Fair

請在此留下您的聯絡資料,以65折預購趙綺婷繪著的首本書籍 《記憶若有限期 —— 香港城景美學印象》。 書籍具體價格要待印刷後才有,請諒!預計原價為港幣$200以內, *屆時非凡出版會直接聯絡寄貨給您。 *請註明數量。 謝謝各位支持。

《記憶若有限期 —— 香港城景美學印象》趙綺婷首本繪著書籍 Preorder before Hong Kong Book Fair

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Until June 2023

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請在此留下您的聯絡資料,以65折預購趙綺婷繪著的首本書籍 《記憶若有限期 —— 香港城景美學印象》

Preorder with 35% off before bookfair.

Book Title: Before Memories Expire -- Hong Kong's Urban Landscape Impression and Aesthetics by Elaine Chiu





我喜歡觀察街頭的字體與建築物。走在街上,景物環境塑造著我對一個區分的印象 - 街道的佈局,建築物的個性,書法字體的選用,透露著該區集體的個性和記憶。在中學時期,我在深水埗、石硤尾和油尖旺度過了許多時光。成長在千禧年代,目睹社區瞬息萬變,見證周遭的建築物「建完又拆」、「拆完又建」,令我對自己的身份、對香港的印象,都變得恍惚、流動、重疊,回憶仿若有限期,一觸即碎、一瞬即逝。《建築物條例》於2011年修訂後,原本在市區林立、數以千計的手寫招牌和霓虹燈牌,自此被列為僭建物,遭逐一清拆。自從高中初嘗寫生,我便被這媒介潛在的社會影響力所吸引。於2018年,我正式展開街頭寫生紀錄,發現高速的重建令無數歷史建築和唐樓命懸一線,逐漸消失於城景之中。而透過街頭繪畫、與街坊互動,讓我取得圖像、聲音、光影等記憶,可以深化我對社區空間、個性和氣質的理解。有趣的是,街坊通常會在畫家寫生過程之中,逗留在旁一同談天。每一張寫生都是群策群力的回憶印證。本書延續了我的實地寫生與社區考察,以唐樓和歷史建築物作為切入點,探討唐樓、建築物、城景及記憶, 一些城市環境中一些由下而上產生的有機載體,以及它們與人、時間的關係。此書收錄我的城市寫生以及畫作。


I enjoy observing the typography and architecture on the streets. Walking through the city, the scenery and environment shape my impression of a neighborhood. The layout of the streets, the individuality of the buildings, the choice of calligraphy fonts, all reveal the collective personality and memories of the community.During my high school years, I spent a lot of time in Sham Shui Po, Shek Kip Mei and Yau Tsim Mong District. Growing up in the new millennium, I experienced the rapid changes of the community and witnessed the constant construction and demolition of the city. These experiences have made my sense of identity and impression about Hong Kong become vague, fluid, and overlapping. Memories seem to have an expiration date, fragile and fleeting.After the amendment of the Building Ordinance in 2011, the numerous handwritten signs and neon signs that once filled the city were listed as illegal structures and demolished one by one. Since my first attempt at plein-air painting in high school, I have been attracted to the potential social impact of this medium. In 2018, I started documenting street sketches and found that rapid reconstruction put countless historic buildings and tenement buildings at risk, disappearing from the cityscape. Through street painting and interacting with local neighbors, I gained memories of images and sounds that deepened my understanding of community spaces, personalities, and temperament. Neighbors often linger around and chat with me during the process of sketching, turning the sketch into a collaborative memory and testament.This book continues my on-site sketching and community research, using tenement buildings and historical architecture as entry points to explore tenements, buildings, cityscapes, and memories - some organic carriers generated from the bottom up in the urban environment, and their relationship with people and time. This book includes my urban sketches and paintings.

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