CultureTrip: Young artists painting their paths

Can art and business go hand in hand? by Jianne Soriano

Hong Kong has witnessed a boom in the art industry in recent years, thanks to international fairs like Art Basel, Art Central, and the development of the West Kowloon Culture district, while this may provides opportunities for business.

Young artists are not benefiting, says University of Hong Kong student, Elaine Chiu. She has 25 exhibitions under her belt. "[The Hong Kong art industry] is very international and very rarely would Hong Kong organise its own art fairs. I'm not sure if this is a good trend for local artists as we have to appeal to the international market to be successful."

Just this year, Chiu has had her artworks exhibited in France, Italy and Bulgaria. But Chiu believes that Hong Kong's emphasis on commercialising art is a blow to local artists.

Compared with her experience in the UK where she sees art as "more public", the 20-year-old feels that Hong Kong's art atmosphere "isn't as strong." She pointed out that it is difficult to make her artworks seen in the local community because of the lack of funding, opportunities and connections.


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Hong Kong, 2021