Only Change is Eternal (Diary under COVID-19) 變幻才是永恆,對吧?

Tones of Milk Tea


watercolour on paper


I have been staying at home for quite some days during the COVID-19. I bet you are like me too, hoping for the virus to be gone sooner. I want to talk to you a bit about what I feel during this special time of self-isolation.

Drowning in Memories


acrylic on canvas


During these times, I suddenly gained more time to focus on my art. I flipped over my photo-album for ideas and material that I haven't used. Hong Kong street is the subject that takes up most parts of my album. Looking at those photos, I realised that the ordinary days and lifestyle in the past is something extraordinary now. I miss the ordinary.

Neon Tears (sign demolished)


acrylic on canvas


In the past, sketching in the streets is my weekly ritual. I used to pass by the old corner shops thinking that they shouldn't get closed down for so soon. However, waves and waves of old shops and restaurants are closing in Hong Kong these days because of the virus. Alongside, their shop signs, history and story are demolished, at least visibly erased from our streets. The virus feels like a tsunami that engulfs these ever-standing local icons. While I am locked at home, not being able to witness their last moments.

Timeless Treasure

(Mido Cafe is temporarily closed)


acrylic on canvas


I feel sad and irritated by what's happening to the local scenes. I wish I could work fast enough and to collect, transform, and extract from all these local nutrients and textures. I want to contribute by eventually being able to develop a set of visual languages, good and mature enough for my home city.

Five Metals Street


acrylic on canvas

我的日記是這樣的 This is my diary:





畫畫,讓更我了解自己的喜惡。我偏愛使用大地色系,沉沉穩穩。層層疊疊的水跡,染出若即若離的距離美感。我承認,我不曾屬於那個時代。但是從這個時代觀看那個時代,則產生了一股物哀感 — 安穩最終都必將逝去,能抓住最後一股回憶線索,就好好畫下,這可能是我內心的想法。」



This is my feeling that I want to share with you, very truly from my heartt.

I hope you healthy and all the best. Please write back if you have anything mind or in need (maybe?).


P.S. 我開設了我的線上城市寫生課程,讓有興趣學習水彩的朋友可以遙距學習,詳情可以點擊這裡。敬請支持! I have online sketching course right now!

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All Image Copyright @ Elaine Chiu (the artist)

Hong Kong, 2020