North Point Sketching Class

Today, Elaine leads a sketching tour into the old community in North Point, Hong Kong. We sketched the Chun Yeung Market, where trams actually go through the wet market! During the sketching, many old uncles come by and talk to us, sharing their lives and stories of North Point in the past 30 years. It is the top sketching location that attracts the largest crowd!

Freehunter: 香港做畫家注定乞食? 九十後畫家Elaine Chiu分享經營夢想三要

名畫《星夜》的畫家梵高才華洋溢,生前卻只賣出一幅畫,潦倒一生過後鬱鬱而終。在今天更商業化的香港,成為畫家不是注定乞食嗎?九十後女生趙綺婷(Elaine Chiu)抱著對創作的熱情,去年初從香港大學畢業後,毅然成為全職水彩畫家。Elaine利用近一年時間,堅持以水彩畫紀錄香港消失中

All Image Copyright @ Elaine Chiu (the artist)

Hong Kong, 2020