Dorsett Hotel Little Artist Programme

Let Art and Charity Be the Source of Joy for Every Kid Staying at Dorsett Wanchai Dorsett Wanchai offers more than just contemporary accommodation for families. The newly launched family package is specially designed for junior vacationers with the aim to cultivate creativity, explore potential, and to make their stay in Hong Kong a meaningful and memorable one. “As a family-friendly hotel, we always strive to provide extraordinary hotel experiences that are different than the others through product innovations and thoughtful services. And since art and charity are something we are very passionate about, it means something more when we finally get to announce a new family package that combin

Moleskin Workshop for Media

Elaine holds a workshop for Moleskin's product launch. Media friends are invited to test out the new water-soluble colour pencil, under the guidance of Elaine.

【20190911 達之路中學生人鏈】

達之路,對於像我一樣在這裡十二年的學生來說,是多麼的熟悉。 畢業以後,在繁華盛世走過不少街頭巷尾寫生。沒有想過,我居然會回來達之路繪畫今天不一樣的風景。 對於寫生人來說,香港最近的風景變了。變得超現實、變得緊張、也變得團結。 今天坐在街頭寫生的心情,再也不一樣。可是就在畫的時候,有保安走過來,細細聲問我:「你是香港插畫家嗎?」我很警惕地回答:「嗯...?」 想不到,他竟然告訴我如果要水或者使用洗手間,歡迎你進來。然後還有現場的糾察人員過來,告訴我注意安全。 每一次寫生都真的充滿著意料之外的事情,但是每一次遇到的事情,都令我對香港的人情味有更深體會。 20190911 達之路中學生人鏈

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Hong Kong, 2020