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Nostalgia Audio, 2023

我好開心參與設計Nostalgia Audio這個最新系列Tesseract的封面,我用畫筆呈現CYBER Punk的未來城市景象:錯綜複雜的城市建築與星空,以及⼀列連結過去、現在與未來的火⾞。


聽歌的時候, 我享受周圍突然變寧靜,由歌曲帶我去不同的時代,例如citypop,80 s canton pop。這些⾳樂影響我創作時的執筆韻律。畫⾯中,我建構了前、中、遠三個層次的景象。前⽅是香港舊區,是我創作上的「根部」,也代表較懷舊的⾳樂。慢慢隨著列⾞移動往中部,較多幾何形狀以及香港中環CBD的景象,代表城市和我創作的「進化部分」,是⼀段⾳樂之中較輕快的部分。最後,列⾞⾶上天空投入星際,那是創作上到達「抽象」與忘我的部分。雪⼭上溫度冰冷,卻有迷⼈景⾊,到達藝術的⾼峰。

Nostalgia Audio’s new series “Tesseract” evokes a Cyberpunk imagination in my head - which encompasses a futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers, a galaxy, and a time-travelling train that connects the past, present and future.

The blue light design on the earphones inspires a neon pattern in my painting in one of the buildings in the foreground. I am creating a sense of timelessness to echo the broad soundstage features of the product.

When I listen to music, I enjoy how the songs can take me back to different eras. I could easily travel in time with genres such as city-pop, and 80s Canton pop. Music has a powerful impact on my painting rhythms. In the painting, I have constructed three layers that represent three different stages of my art, Hong Kong city and its music development. The foreground resembles an old district in Hong Kong. It symbolises the root of my art and the root of canton pop music. Following the train to the middle part of the painting, more geometric shapes abstracted from Central’s CBD can be seen, with a lighter and quicker tonal change. It is the “evolutionary stage” of my art and the city. Finally, when the train reaches the galaxy, it emblematises the reach of full artistic potential with brushstrokes going onto abstraction.

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