Hong Kong Cityscapes 香港城景系列


watercolour on paper/ acrylic on canvas, 2014-2021, Hong Kong


Elaine's watercolour painting collections of the changing Hong Kong cityscapes throughout 2014 to 2020.


2021: The Last Remains


2020: Here & Now


2019: Signs of Our Times


2018: Around the Corner


2017: Street & Seek


2014-16: Heartbeats in Hong Kong

Collaging the City 拼貼城市
Liquified 液化
The Hues of Hong Kong 屬於香港的色調
Against the Crowd 回望
Sunset Lovers 醉在夕陽
My Love For You 舊城小愛
The Warmth 暖意
The Abandoned 遺城
On My Way 途上
The Battle 博弈
The Road Not Taken 未涉之途
Neon Nocturne 霓虹夜曲
The Pulse of the City 城市脈搏
Composition of Raindrops 雨滴建成
Hypothermia 低溫症
Che Kung Temple 車公廟
First Street 第一街
Time Traveling 時間遊人
Lei Yue Mun Scenery 鯉魚門一景
Light and Shadow 灼熱光影
Temple Street during the Day 日間的廟街
Old Hong Kong Memories 老香港記憶
速寫皇都戲院 State Theatre Sketch
太平清醮 (On Location Sketch)
深井 (On Location Sketch)
The Pottinger Street 石板街
Reflection 陰天 傍晚 車窗外
The Harbor 海岸一景
The City's Cry 營役於盛世